Giant Women Fight Equally Giant Monsters in Image's BIG GIRLS

Big Girls
Credit: Jason Howard (Image Comics)
Credit: Jason Howard (Image Comics)

Writer/artist Jason Howard will create a new Image Comics series titled Big Girls that takes its name seriously, pitting a fighting force of literally gigantic women against attacking kaiju.

Big Girls is inspired by my childhood love of giant monster movies like King Kong and Godzilla, and big robot anime like Robotech and Evangelion,” Howard explained to The Hollywood Reporter, who announced the series and who have an exclusive look at interior pages. “So if you dig exciting visuals and monster fighting action, Big Girls has it!"

Howard, who is known for his work on Warren Ellis' Trees and Robert Kirkman's The Astounding Wolfman, says that despite the trappings of massive women and giant monsters, his new tale is really about the interpersonal dynamics of the women who fight the monsters, all focused on the journey of a new recruit named Ember.

“The heart of the story really came from me sometimes feeling overwhelmed by the size of the world's problems, it can seem like the only fix is an equally big solution,” Howard said. “Exploring that feeling became the story's setting, where their problems are literal giant monster men who are destroying the world (science you crazy!). Fortunately they have an equally giant solution, Big Girls who kick monster butt."

Big Girls #1 is due out in August. The series length has not been reported.

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