DC's GENERATION Event Absent from JULY & AUGUST Schedules

DC Generation
Credit: DC
Credit: Francis Manapul (DC)

Updated May 15: There is no issue of the Generation event solicited for August 2020 by DC. 

DC has indicated they'll update the status of the project later this year. 

Original story published May 13: For those wanting to read DC's "Charge Towards DC's Future," July isn't your month as none of the Generation issues are in the publisher's July 2020 release schedule.

Generation One was originally solicited (without cover art) alongside Death Metal #1 for May, and despite being officially announced just prior as a five-part "monthly" event, Generation Two (subtitled Age of the Metahumanwas not originally solicited for June, with DC declining to comment on its absence at the time. 

Since then however, Death Metal #1 secured a revised release date - with #2 now confirmed for July - while Generation continues to be absent.

A potential roadblock to this could be changes that Death Metal Scott Snyder has spoken about after DC co-Publisher Dan DiDio's sudden departure, along with the distribution hiatus brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"DC changed first. Dan left, and on top of that, the line changed in terms of what we were planning after 2020," Snyder said earlier this week. "…Everything has been fluid, but [Death Metal] has stayed what it was."

"And what changed when the landscape for DC changed on the other side of it, and when editorial changed with Dan exiting, was just that we no longer had to be constrained by any timeframe of what was going to happen on the other side at all, so we got to expand."

Generation's release may be complicated by the fact the event launch was supposed to be preceded by a May 2-Free Comic Book Day special Generation Zero: Gods Among Us described as "epic" and "game-changing" by DC, but FCBD (as it's widely known) was of course canceled due to the coronavirus crisis and Diamond and participating publishers have not announced plans to distribute the titles created for the event.

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