Amalgam Again Part Two: RECURVE


Welcome to #AmalgamAgain part two. This mash-up is brought to you by Newsarama and artist Ty Peterson.

You can check out exactly what Amalgam Again is here, and our first mash-up, the Mighty Mortal. Then check out our latest amalgam below.

The Who: Recurve

The Inspiration: DC’s Green Arrow and Marvel’s Daredevil

The Logline: Once one of the wealthiest, most powerful attorneys in the world, Matthew Queen is left blind by exposure to a genetic-altering drug produced by a corrupt corporation he was representing.

Trained for years by a secret order of warriors called the Chaste in archery, martial arts, and the use of his heightened senses due to the toxin, Queen returns to the crime-ridden neighborhood he grew up in as a pro bono lawyer by day and crime fighter by night.

The Meta: A few disparate elements came together when considering mashing-up Green Arrow and Daredevil. The original inspiration was simply that they both had concurrent, popular television series that had some common tonal ‘grim & gritty’ elements.

And it was an episode from the first season of Netflix’s Daredevil that led to the match being made.

Episode S1:5 featured a storyline in which Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson defend a woman of modest means against a powerful businessman trying to strong-arm her out of her rented apartment.

This brought to mind 1970’s now famous Green Lantern #76, which readers remember as the beginning of the Green Lantern/Green Arrow run by Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams colloquially known as ‘Hard-Traveling Heroes.’

That very first storyline involved Green Arrow defending poor black tenants against an urban slumlord.

Brief as it was, that landmark 14-issue story arc was and still is likely Green Arrow’s greatest, character-defining moment, when he fully transformed from who was originally a Golden Age Batman rip-off into comic books’ most famous social justice warrior, before that term was considered derogatory in some circles.

Matt Murdock over the course of his history has most often been depicted as a lawyer in a small private firm defending everyday people from powerful interests, so merging the social-justice minded Queen with an officer of the legal justice system Murdock seemed like a natural fit.

Another initial requirement was also coming up with a new powerset that jumped off of Daredevil’s wholly unique profile while adding a differentiator, and an archer without sight immediately leapt out at us. That reminded us of Frank Miller’s memorably unique twist on Green Arrow in The Dark Knight Returns - Ollie retained his skills as an expert archer despite having lost one of his arms.

It was then our artist Ty Peterson who suggested Miller’s Daredevil: Year One full wraparound head scarf later incorporated into the Netflix series, and the concept fully gelled.

The Name: A recurve bow, for the record, is a bow with limbs that curve away from the archer when unstrung and delivers energy more efficiently than a straight-limbed bow.

The Artist: The up-and-coming Ty Peterson, a recent Kubert-school graduate, added several key elements of his own to the mix, really helping to bring the premise into focus.

You can check out Ty’s work at and on Instagram: @typeterson8 and twitter: @TyPetersonArt.

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