TYNION, JURGENS, Comic Writing Bootcamp in Hero Initiative's Pro-Fan Live Events Week 4 Line-Up

Hero Initiative Live fan events
Credit: Hero Initiative

Hero Initiative, the charity dedicated to helping comic book creators in medical or financial need, has announced their line-up for a fourth week of a series of live experiences featuring comic book creators providing question-and-answer sessions, tutorials, and original art in Zoom online webconference rooms. 

The new “Hero Initiative Live” events are currently available for purchase at Hero Initiative’s website.

Creators participating in Week 4 events (May 7 - 14) include writer/artist Dan Brereton, writer/artist Katie Cook, writer/artist Colleen Doran, writer/artist Dan Jurgens (all of whom will create a bust sketch of each attendee's choice while chatting), writer James Tynion IV, and in Week 4 there will be a "comic writing and business boot camp" with writer/editor Fabian Nicieza.

"The limited experiences serve the dual purpose of generating much-needed revenue for Hero, while providing fans with face-to-face meetings with their favorite creators at a time when the usual convention circuit is on lockdown due to global pandemic," says the organization. 

Only a small number of virtual 'seats' are available for each event. For example, Tynion's 40-minute session on May 14 will be limited to five fans, where they can ask about him about process, experiences in comics and of course his upcoming plans for Batman.

Nicieza's hour-long bootcamp (full description below) will be open to 20 attendees. 

Credit: Hero Initiative

Creators and industry professionals who have participated in the first three rounds of the Hero Initiative Live events include Art Adams, Marv Wolfman, Joëlle Jones, Howard Chaykin, Scott Snyder, Brian Bendis, Donny Cates, Mark Waid, Dan DiDio, Megan Hutchison, Dave Gibbons and Chip Zdarsky. 

For more information visit www.heroinitiative.org or www.heroinitiative.org/merchandise/.

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