Now There is a Comic Book Census Too

CBCS census
Credit: CBCS

Good news for comic book readers who live in the United States that are getting exhausted by the ubiquitous TV commercials and mailings reminding us to complete out Constitutionally-mandated Census.

Another census is already completed.  

Comic Book Certification Service, otherwise and better known as CBCS, is launching the company’s "Graded Comic Book Census Report." According to the company, "The new CBCS Census publishes information on all CBCS graded comic books in a format that provides relevant information for collectors and sellers. CBCS members will now be able to see how their comics rank compared to comics of the same title and issue listed in the population report."

In other words, the report endeavors to give additional context to what's been graded and how your books compare to others. 

"The information in the CBCS graded population report is critical for those collectors who want to know if the book they have or want to buy is among the best in those graded by CBCS," reads the announcement. "Collectors will notice right away that the CBCS Census does more than show the number of books listed by grade. Users will be able to take advantage of some great search features that will allow them to find comprehensive information including NOT ONLY the grade but in addition, page quality, signatures, restoration and even key comments."

Registered members CBCS's website can check out the new Census at

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