Make the iPad's MARVEL... And Netflix... And Hulu?

Marvel Comics Cautious About iPad

Marvel Comics are coming to the iPad, and not just through the standard ComiXology App that was already announced for the new tablet device. ComiXology will also be bringing a Marvel-specific App to the device, as reported by several reviewers of the device.

The Marvel App will exist outside of Apple's own iBooks store, and can display full pages or be zoomed in on using a panel-to-panel style already found in many iPhone and digital reader apps. Other than that, little is known at the moment about the content that will be available.

As it's made by ComiXology, the safe bet is that this is merely an isolation chamber for the Marvel comics they have already made available to iPhone and iPod touch users. That would mean individually purchased issues, rather than the subscription model used by Marvel's Digital Comics Unlimited on computers via a web-based interface.

In addition to Marvel's App, ComiXology still plans to release an iPad-specific version of their main application, hosting comics from thirty publishers. When reached for comment, David Steinberger of ComiXology confirmed that they have iPad apps in development, but couldn't say much more.

"The iPad is a significant game changer for digital comics, and it figures prominently in our expansion plans for Comics by comiXology," Steinberger said.

Meanwhile, iVerse Media, who counts amongst their digital publishers the ubiquitous Archie Comics, IDW, and yes, Marvel Comics, officially announced their own iPad App this week. They're in the final stages of approval with Apple and expect the App to be a "launch title."

Outside of comics, video is also making its presence well-felt on the iPad. The two Apps that likely lead the way in requests, Hulu and Netflix, are both rumored to be making their way to Apple's new portable. Custom applications would allow users to stream video through the two popular sites, using their existing subscription to Netflix, and for Hulu, possibly requiring a subscription, if Mashable and the New York Times' rumor mill is correct.

Apple's big launch is merely two days away. With news and confirmations coming in by the hour now, it seems that the "oversized iPod Touch" moniker is disappearing quickly. More this weekend, after the launch.

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