An Interview with Ambush Bug. Lord Help Us.

Who the Hell is Ambush Bug?

It's a truly twisted world when Newsarama sends a reporter to interview a Bug.

With the release on Wednesday of the first issue of AMBUSH BUG: Year None, fans are anticipating the chance to laugh at all corners of the DCU -- this time not on the internet even -- and it will be the green-suited, fan-favorite character Ambush Bug leading the cackling chorus.

As announced by Newsarama earlier this year, Bug-creator Keith Giffen will plot and pencil the six-issue mini-series with Robert Loren Fleming adding dialogue, giving readers the chance to follow the wise-cracking Ambush Bug through every big "Crisis" and recent weekly series in the DC Universe -- mercilessly spoofing them and their creators along the way. Saying they want to break the trend of comics taking themselves "too seriously," Giffen and Fleming promise the mini-series will parody everything from Sue Dibny's death in Identity Crisis to things we haven't even seen yet in Final Crisis -- and maybe even a few recent events from that other comics publisher as well.

While most comic book heroes are unaware that readers can see them, Ambush Bug is fully aware of his status as a character in a comic. As a result, Newsarama approached the Bug for an interview about this week's release of his comic. What follows is the unadulterated, unedited transcript of that interview. And as the Bug has promised, he will respond your questions and comments below.

God help us all.

Newsarama: Ambush Bug, you’ve got a series again. How does it feel to be the star of a comic book?

Ambush Bug: I’ll tell you, there’s nothing better than seeing your name up in logo! What I’d like to do now is to get The Flash’s Rogues Gallery to sit on top of my logo, or The Blockbuster to smash it into little pieces, like he did Batman’s that one time. Unfortunately, my logo’s not very pro-active.

NRAMA: It must be nice to be working with Keith Giffen and Robert Loren Fleming again.

AMBUSH BUG: Oh, I guess so. They’re not exactly big guns like Geoff Johns or Grant Morrison, though...

NRAMA: Geoff and Grant are a little busy with things related to Final Crisis.

AMBUSH BUG: Yeah, that’s what I mean! They’re doing A-List projects while Keith is basically consigned to Hell, and Flem’s been living behind a dumpster somewhere!

NRAMA: You’ve got a history with those two, though. Any anecdotes you’d like to share?

AMBUSH BUG: Just between you and me? Flem chews with his mouth open, and Keith has a club foot.



NRAMA: Uh, moving along, we saw you in 52. How was the experience of working on that book?

AMBUSH BUG: It was a paying gig, Velveeta.

NRAMA: It’s Vaneta.

AMBUSH BUG: Yeah, I know. Like the cheese!

NRAMA: Was it fun being part of the Justice League?

AMBUSH BUG: To tell you the truth, the catering was so good on 52 that I spent most of the time stuffing my face at the craft table. You may have noticed that I had a bit of a pot belly by the time we actually wrapped our scene.

NRAMA: No, I thought you looked very trim.

AMBUSH BUG: That’s nice of you to say, Velveeta.

NRAMA: Vaneta. My name is Vaneta.

AMBUSH BUG: I don’t blame you for being proud of it. I’ve got a great recipe for queso sauce using that cheese!

NRAMA: Tell us a little bit about your new mini-series.

AMBUSH BUG: Oh, it’s not much different than my previous stuff. I didn’t even get retconned! Same costume, same power, same basic set-up. I’m trying to make it fresh by doing my balloons with a Canadian accent, eh?

NRAMA: Oh, did you study with a voice coach?

AMBUSH BUG: No, but I watch a lot of Jeopardy. Alex Trebek is Canadian, you know.

NRAMA: Err, who are some of the people that are going to show up in your mini-series, Bug?

AMBUSH BUG: Well, I’ve got all of my regulars back, like Cheeks, Jonni DC, Argh!Yle, Mitsu Bishi and Darkseid...

NRAMA: Darkseid?

AMBUSH BUG: Yeah, he drags me to a karaoke bar in my third issue. You wouldn’t think it to look at him, but he’s got a real Robert Goulet thing going on!

NRAMA: How about heroes, caped crusaders?

AMBUSH BUG: Does Ace the Bathound count? He makes killer Strawberry Daiquiris! Oh, and Batgirl beats the tar out of me.

NRAMA: Why does she do that?

AMBUSH BUG: I have no idea! Say, that’s a very attractive blouse you’re wearing, Velveeta. Is it silk?

NRAMA: Don’t touch me. Are there any villains in your series?

AMBUSH BUG: We have a new character named Go-Go Chex who’s kind of a stinker. His entire face is covered with that “Go-Go Checks” pattern that DC ran across the top of their covers back in the Swingin’ Sixties! I always get a warm fuzzy when I see Go-Go checks, but this new guy is starting to kill my buzz.

NRAMA: When your mini-series is over, is it going to drastically change the face of the DC Universe?

AMBUSH BUG: I don’t know whether I’d call the changes “drastic.” Dan DiDio will be a woman, Jann Jones will be a man, and Ian Sattler will become the new Creeper!

NRAMA: Jann Jones is the editor on this comic, right?

AMBUSH BUG: You could say that. It’s great to have an editor again who has a female name that starts with a “J”! And unlike Julie Schwartz, there’s none of that built-in gender confusion.

NRAMA: ...until the end of your series, when Jann becomes a man!


NRAMA: Uh... let's talk about comics! What do you think of comic books today?

AMBUSH BUG: I’m not on the comp lists anymore, so it’s hard to say. I guess the best way to put it is that I think that comic books today aren’t being delivered free to my door like they should be.

NRAMA: What does Ambush Bug do in his spare time?

AMBUSH BUG: I like to do interviews for comic book news websites. It’s a great way to meet chicks!

NRAMA: Oookay, I guess that wraps it up.

AMBUSH BUG: If you like, I can stick around and answer questions from the fans in the Comments section...

NRAMA: Knock yourself out, but I’m leaving right now. Thanks for the interview.

AMBUSH BUG: You’re welcome, Vaneta!

NRAMA: It’s Velveeta! Uh...I mean...grrrr.

Keith Giffen and Robert Loren Fleming helped a little with this interview. But unlike Ambush Bug, they were wearing pants.

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