Damn Dirty Skrulls: What We Know Now 5

Cover of Captain Britain and MI13 #1

The Topic: Tracking the Secret Invasion and its incremental revelations.

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So where are we and what’s happened since we last spoke?

Captain Britain and MI13 #1: definitely had its fill of Skrulls. MI13 has in fact had a Skrull working for them for years, if not decades, who looks like John Lennon. The opening of the issue revealed that the U.S. teams and government are not the only in the world that have been infiltrated, however, as Mr. Grimsdale, the Joint Intelligence Committee Chair and thus head of MI5, 6, and 13, was found to be a Skrull, and killed by Pete Wisdom, in collusion with “John Lennon.” The most important detail however was not the reveal, but the fact that the John Lennon Skrull could somehow tell for sure that Mr. Grimsdale was a Skrull, once he got close enough. This detection technique could come in quite handy if used by say, Hulking of Young Avengers and/or Xavin of Runaways. We then met several Super Skrulls, displaying powers of Ghost Rider, Morbius, Lord Hawk, Iceman, Namor, Silver Surfer, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, Doc Spectrum, and Hyperion (whew!). Probably the most interesting of those would be Silver Surfer, due to their ability to mimic the power cosmic, and Doc Spectrum, whose powers come from an artifact, the Power Prism. These show very high level mimicking, and somewhat conflict with The Sentry’s treatment over in Mighty Avengers. That, or it puts into perspective just how potentially powerful The Sentry really is. The Skrulls are seen as especially susceptible to super-speed attacks, and brute strength. Their main goal in Great Britain is shown as the destruction of the Siege Perilous. This gateway to Otherworld and Avalon is also the source of magic for the entire world. The story ends with the seeming destruction of the Siege, along with Captain Britain, in an enormous explosion.

Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1: filled in the blanks that were left following the FF’s appearances in Secret Invasion #1, as well as giving readers a surprising reveal. Sue, while out of town, walks into her hotel room to find that Reed has surprised her by coming to spend some nice quality alone time together. Unfortunately, this is in fact a Skrull imposter, who quickly reveals himself. He incapacitates her with her own powers, tells her of Reed’s fate (see: splattered all over Tony Stark’s lab by Skrull Pym in SI #1), and laughs that she, the “the most powerful of the Four” was so easy to defeat. We then see a more detailed version of the imposter-Sue entering the Baxter Building and warping the top half of it away into the Negative Zone, with Johnny, Ben, and the kids inside. The public that witnesses this think it’s just another wacky experiment, and Ben spends the rest of the issue fighting Annihilus bugs. Johnny confronts “Sue” in Reed’s lab, where she flat out tells him there’s a massive Skrull infiltration and invasion going on across the entire world. She first tries to convince him that Ben is Skrully, but he quickly figures out she’s a fake through the use of a favorite movie question (when you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way). She had, however, been very personal with young Mister Storm, constantly calling him Johnny, and even asking for his forgiveness right after the big building warp. Finally, he deduces and she reveals that she is Lyja. Lyja was married to Johnny Storm under the guise of Alicia Masters, and has been an on-again off-again flame of the Torch’s (pun intended) for years. The powers she displays at the end of this issue were thought lost to her, as they were initially from a device implanted within that had since been removed. It remains to be seen if a similar device has been implanted once again, or if she now has powers from another source. Also, it should be noted that Lyja has betrayed her fellow Skrulls to side with her love, Johnny Storm, several times; whose side she is on is always in question, and is always in flux.

Mighty Avengers #14: Though not as revelation-packed as you might like it to be, we do get a couple of things confirmed. We already knew that the Vision in the Savage Land was a Skrull, but we now know that it is Official Skrull Strategy from the How To Orchestrate a Secret Invasion Handbook: Third Skrull Edition that you can render Sentry ineffective by pretending to turn into The Void. This was demonstrated in the clandestine meeting that offered precious few other pieces of confirmed data. (It is kind of funny though to picture the masterminds of alien overthrow meeting in what seems like a broom closet.) All of this anti-Sentry plotting does, however, speak to the fact that the Sentry has been the Sentry (and not a Skrull) to this point. In fact, Sentry even fought Skrulls back in pre-disappearance history, and earned enough enmity to be a prime target for Skrull-Jarvis and the gang. As for the ending of the issue, well . . . that’s a little unclear. Sentry flies to Saturn, reacts in distress at . . . something (a Skrull pretending to the The Void? A Skrull pretending to be him? The Real Void? An obelisk with a fetal shape on it?), and then what appears to be a Void-possessed Sentry returns to Earth to pound a Skrull and embrace a terrified Lindy.

The Incredible Hercules #117: Most of this issue is concerned with assembling the “God Squad”, a group of champions chosen by the Council of Pantheons to bring the divine hurt down on the invading Skrulls. While there’s a rather obvious tease toward the notion that Athena might in fact be a Skrull, the truly interesting Skrull activity here centered around their own pantheon. Athena puts two names to the gods behind the Skrull holy war: Kly’bn, the Eternal Skrulls, and Sl’gur’t of the Infinite Names. The concern of Earth’s Pantheons is that they don’t want their own worship replaced by the interest of the Skrulls. Apart from that, the main thing is the question of Athena. I would truly hope that she’s not a Skrull for two reasons: 1) Pak and VanLente do a great job of writing her, and 2) It would be a real bummer to see Athena replaced by an alien imposter in two events from two different companies within the same year.

Next?: What’s to come? Well, the Skrull watch is in full effect from here on out. This week, we have Ms. Marvel #27, an un-official tie-in with a new dimension to the invasion (hint: what other alien race seems to always pop up with Skrulls are involved?), and New Avengers #41, which picks back up in the Savage Land. June then picks up the pace with no less than 10 Skrully books. Stay tuned here for all your Skrull updates as the Invasion continues!

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