BLACKEST NIGHT Poll: What did YOU Think? (No Registration)

BLACKEST NIGHT Poll: What did YOU Think?

Green Lantern started out thinking his was the only power ring. He thought Willpower was the only part of the emotional spectrum that could be harnassed. He was very, very wrong.

In the past several months of Blackest Night, and the lead-in that proceeded it, readers have been introduced to a technicolor corps that would make Joseph jealous. They've fought both against each other and side-by-side. Hated villains became strongest allies, and vice-versa. The dead rose, heroes died, and the forces behind life and existence itself clashed in epic battle.

Like all things, though, this story had to come to a close. With Blackest Night #8 now on store shelves and in many of your hands, we put it to you, the readers. What did you think of Blackest Night as a whole? Was it the epitome of an event in your mind? Did it do nearly everything wrong?

We'll have a Best Shots review of the book up soon, but in the meantime, you can sound off right here. You don't have to be a registered Newsarama user to vote, but if you'd like to chime in and articulate your opinion, sign up or sign in and let us all know exactly why this was the greatest, most mediocre, or worst thing ever. Beware that Newsarama can not be responsible for SPOILERS in the comments section, so read your fellow fans' thoughts at your own risk.

What did YOU think of Blackest Night as a finished product?

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