SCOTT WOLF's Chad Decker Prepares for the "V"s Return

Scott Wolf Prepares for the Visitors of

We recently got a chance to chat once again with Scott Wolf who plays reporter Chad Decker on 'V'.  As you may recall, when we last left the show, the alien Visitors told Chad that he would develop a deadly aneurism in six months and they could cure him...if he plays ball.  You may also recall that there were a few changes on the production side of things, including the appointment of Scott Rosenbaum as show runner.  Wolf gave us some insight into what has changed, what we're going to see in tonight's episode and whether his character is a good guy or a bad guy.  He also recommends a bag of popcorn, telling us that the revelations are going to be fast and furious.

'V' airs tonight at 10/9c on ABC.

Newsarama:  So, are you excited to be back?

Scott Wolf:  Really, really excited.  We've been at work for a little while, but we're really excited to have the show back on and back in the audience's hands.  You know, it's been as hard a wait for us as the people who are hooked on the show.  So we're excited.  

Nrama:  Where are you guys in production?

Wolf:  We are actually three episodes from the end of our first season, so we are on episode 109, which is the third to last episode.

Nrama:  The last time we spoke, you said that the actors had no idea if they would end up being V.  Has anyone told you anything?

Wolf:  No.  [laughs]  Pretty sure...I'm working on the premise that I'm human, but I think part of the fun of our story is no one really knows.  The audience, our one really knows who they can trust.  Who is an alien and who isn't.  What I can say is, in this next chapter of shows, there are going to be a lot of surprises to our audience as far as people they thought were human or people they thought were visitors but weren't sure about, we reveal the true identity of some characters that people have come to know, and I'm excited to see how people react to that. Because at the end of the day, I think one of the most exciting, suspenseful parts of jumping into this story is that general sense of who can you trust.

Nrama:  When we last left your character, there was a little aneurism issue.  Can you give us a little information on the episode coming up?

Wolf:  So yeah, the last chapter ended for Chad with effectively the visitors saying they had diagnosed him with a deadly brain aneurism that he doesn't have, but he'll develop in the next six months and then he'll be dead instantaneously.  So they've basically taken this fun little dance that he's been involved with and made it life and death.  And so ultimately Chad is an interesting character to me because he has good and evil in him.  I think he has the capacity to sell out and to just pick himself first above the world.  But I think he also has the capacity to do the right thing.  To be the person who, I think, makes the choice to take care of the people who are counting on him.  So who he's going to be in the end remains to be seen, but right away, we see him not being willing to just lie down and accept this fate that they've given him.  And we see him start to fight back and try and get some control of his life and of this game that he's involved with, with Anna (Morena Baccarin).

Nrama:  I love that these aliens who can cure almost anything can't cure the common cold.

Wolf:  It's pretty hysterical.  And I think one of the things that you hope, that in a story that is really shaping up to be an epic battle between humans and an alien population that has inhabited the Earth, you hope that there is still room for humor and there is still room for irony.  [laughs]  Our writers really find that.  I thought that was pretty hysterical that they are flying through the universe on these incredible ships and they can cure 65 major diseases but still haven't cracked the common cold.

Nrama:  With everything going on, production-wise, have there been changes?  Has the style of shooting changed?

Wolf:  You know what?  Not really.  There definitely were changes in terms of the production team and some writers, but our work really has remained pretty much the same.  One thing I can say is, things have sort of increased in intensity and pace and in the look of the show.  It was already cool, but I think that they really wanted to lean on the visual effects.  And the pace of the story has really kind of blown open.  To some degree, the first four episodes had to set the stage and really had to introduce the big pieces of the story.  And now it gets really vast, really personal and really intense from week to week.  And there will be huge reveals week to week.  By design, this new show runner Scott Rosenbaum...every week he wanted you to come away thinking, I can't believe how much they just told me.  As opposed to other instances where it's like, they didn't tell me anything this week.  So we're hoping that the audience really just has to figure out a way to catch their breath after each episode.  And it's really exciting.  It feels's a huge story and so there's a lot to tell, so they're just really letting it rip.  

Nrama:  Can you tease the upcoming episode for us?

Wolf:  So the episode where we jump back in...there were huge cliffhangers.  Father Jack (Joel Gretsch) was left in a pool of his own blood and Chad was told that he would die in six months unless he played ball with the Visitors.  Val (Lourdes Benedicto) has just found out that she's pregnant with Ryan's (Morris Chestnut) baby.  Ryan is an alien Visitor and she's a human...that's sort of an homage to the original miniseries with the alien birth...we see all of these stories hit the ground running.  The biggest one, obviously is this escalating, impending battle between the Visitors and this group of resistance fighters amongst humans.  Both of whom are trying to grow their fortunes.  Both of whom are trying to strengthen and prepare.  It's just a really exciting and intense story right when we jump in.  But the thing that got me excited about this next episode is that things start to get really personal.  Ultimately the big pieces of the story are compelling, but I think it's the personal intensity that is really gripping for an audience.  So I'm excited that they're going to get a better understanding of why things are happening the way they are and who these people are and how that impacts the story.  But really more than anything...I would say, have a bag of popcorn ready.  [laughs]  It just charges forward and moment-to-moment it's kind of a thrill ride.

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