SHORTBOX Returns with Twelfth Box Of New Comics

Credit: Allissa Chan (ShortBox)
Credit: ShortBox

ShortBox has revealed the new comic books to debut with its upcoming twelfth box - which is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

Scheduled to debut this September, ShortBox #12 will include the new comic books Dead End Jobs by Aminder Dhaliwal, She Would Feel The Same by Emma Hunsinger, Pippette and Dudley's Charming Dog Adventure by Charlotte Mei, Interim by Allissa Chan, and Outspace by Núria Martinez.

"ShortBox is not a subscription, buying this box doesn't commit you or sign you up to anything further. It's simply a box of pretty fantastic comics we put together that you can get," publisher Zainab Akhtar writes on Kickstarter. "Our aim is to showcase work in a variety of styles and approaches: we want to platform fresh, interesting, diverse comics that don't adhere to the notion of comics being any one particular 'thing'-and that's something we're passionate about wanting to explore and share with people. This is our 12th box, and it's on Kickstarter simply because we want more people to know about this neat thing we make!"

Shortbox #12 is available for $44 plus shipping, and the Kickstarter has already surpassed its goal.

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