TOM KING Working on 'Insanely Ambitious' Unannounced Title with BATMAN Collaborator JORGE FORNES

Credit: Jorge Fornes (DC)
Tom King
Tom King
Credit: Dylan King

Writer Tom King has revealed that he has almost completed work on the final issue of an unnannounced limited series with artist Jorge Fornes. Fornes drew several issues of King's recent Batman run.

"Working today on the final issue of an insanely ambitious maxi series that hasn’t even been announced yet, which is weird, but everything is weird now," King tweeted. "Anyway, when we all come back there’ll be something hopefully awesome waiting for you all. If I do it right."

Fornes retweeted that statement, adding "Great news soon..I hope..."

Traditionally, "maxi series" means a limited series of 12 issues or more.

King is currently working on two 12-issue series for DC - Strange Adventures and the upcoming Batman/Catwoman.

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