DONNY CATES Buys An Entire Comic Shop's Pull List for Customers

Donny Cates
Credit: Austin Books & Comics

Venom writer Donny Cates agreed to purchase the entirety of Austin, Texas comic retailer Austin Books & Comics' outstanding customer pull lists, which have been placed on hold due to coronavirus.

Here's Austin Books & Comics' message to their customers from their Facebook page, urging them to come pick up their now paid-for comic book pull lists - and spend the money they would have put into comics on some more products from the store:

"Dear customers of Austin Books & Comics, We have some great news!

Most, if not all, of you know of the comic writer Donny Cates. In an amazing show of support for not only the store but for you as well, has decided to pay for your pull lists! If you still had a pull list in the store as of yesterday, it's now paid up.

He has requested only one thing in return: The money that you set aside for your pull list now be spent at the Center of Austin Fandom for more things you wanted but couldn't get because of budgetary concerns. Try some new series, get a board game, buy a statue for a friend in need. Donny has shown once again that we are a community; that we help each other out. That is exactly what the world needs right now."

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