JIM STARLIN Returns from Drawing Retirement for New DREADSTAR Title

Jim Starlin
Jim Starlin
Credit: Ominous Press
Credit: Jim Starlin (Ominous Press)

Jim Starlin returns to his seminal creator-owned hero Dreadstar for the first time in 30 years - and not only is he writing it, he is drawing it after once thinking he would never be able to draw again.

Scheduled to arrive this October from Ominous Press, Dreadstar Returns is a 100-page graphic novel by Starlin that's now raising funds on Kickstarter. In this new story, Vanth Dreadstar will reunite with his former crewmates to confront a new, universe-threatening menace.

"Vanth Dreadstar has a huge problem. A massively destructive force, something both unknown and terrible, is devouring Altarix, the capital planet of the Willow Consortium and jeopardizing all one thousand worlds under the Consortium's rule," reads Ominous' description of Dreadstar Returns. "If the Willow Consortium were to fall to this mysterious, other-dimensional force, what hope exists for the rest of the universe?"

"With the fate of all existence at stake can Dreadstar, along with the catlike Oedi, cybernetic psychic Willow and powerhouse Tueton, find a way to defeat this all-powerful menace? When Dreadstar uncovers a hidden connection between this omnipotent nightmare and his own past, the answer becomes a resounding no. After 30 years, Vanth Dreadstar finally returns... just in time to die!"

Several years ago Starlin injured his drawing hand and thought he'd never be able to draw again. But after some physical therapy and some dedication, Starlin is back at it - writing, penciling, and coloring Dreadstar Returns with inker Jaime Jamson onboard to finish it out.

Credit: Jim Starlin (Ominous Press)

As part of the Dreadstar Returns Kickstarter campaign, Ominous Press is also offering a new supplemental book, Dreadstar Guidebook. This is a Who's Who-style book by former DC editor Robert Greenberger, outlining all of the characters and history from Starlin's Dreadstar stories to date.

Starlin and Ominious are aiming to raise $28,000 for Dreadstar Returns on Kickstarter by a May 10 deadline. Reward tiers include not only the OGN and the Guidebook, but also the recent omnibuses, legacy reprints of Dreadstar #1, sketch covers, t-shirts, and more.

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