McFARLANE's SPAWN Movie Still On Track

Todd McFarlane and Jamie Foxx
Todd McFarlane and Jamie Foxx
Credit: Image Comics
"Spawn #300" cover
"Spawn #300" cover
Credit: Todd McFarlane (Image Comics)

Todd McFarlane has offered an update on his upcoming Spawn film, which he will write and direct himself, stating that the film is still on track for production and a theatrical release.

"Those reports were not quite accurate. There is someone – a major talent behind the camera – we had our eyes on and it didn’t work out," McFarlane told Forbes when asked about rumors that the film had lost steam. "It happens. But we didn’t lose anyone, because we never had them. So we’re on the trail of someone else now. It would be a giant headline if we can get the person we’re looking at. That said, we’re not idle. Jamie [Foxx] is maybe even more enthusiastic about doing this than I am. Even if it’s only two of us, it will be Jamie and myself!"

As for a theatrical release, McFarlane also addressed the idea of bringing Spawn to television or to a streaming service, saying he's considered the prospect.

"We’ve had those conversations. People ask why not a TV show instead of a movie? Part of it is I’ve never directed a feature film. I had an itch to scratch. This might be my only chance. I’ve held on to the rights to attach myself to it. If it works out, we can always bring it over to television," McFarlane explained. "Can we do it as a feature and release to a streamer? Sure, maybe. But there’s something to having your picture on a big screen, assuming that’s still an option once this is all over."

Finally, McFarlane offered an update on his plans to direct the film himself, saying that plan remains on track and explaining some of the difficulties he's had getting the project off the ground.

"There’s a couple things. I wrote the first draft of the screenplay. If I’d done my job and written a screenplay that mattered, that would have sold it. I’m culpable on that end to start with," McFarlane said, addressing his lack of directing experience. "Then there’s the fear and risk on the financing side with a first time writer, first time director. That’s why I went to get Jason Blum to produce, and attached Jamie and Jeremy - to add the quality to it. My goal is to continue to add those kind of quality people at all levels. The more I can add those people, the less I become relevant as a risk. Hopefully the studios will see that I am planning accordingly and going about this in a businesslike way to reduce that back-end risk, and at some point, we’ll move forward."

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