DOOMSDAY Is Latest JIM LEE-DC Charity Auction Sketch

Doomsday Jim Lee auction sketch
Credit: DC
Credit: DC
Credit: DC

For the second day in a row Newsarama readers get the first look at DC Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Jim Lee's latest sketch to benefit the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC), aimed at helping comic book stores and their employees during the coronavirus crisis.

And today it's Superman villain Doomsday

*[UPDATED] The eBay auction page where you can place bids be found here.*

The seventh in a daily series that will last 60 days, Doomsday was selected by the winner of the Azrael sketch. Each auction winner not only gets the original 9"x"12 sketch, but she or he gets to select the next DC character Lee will draw, so long as it isn't a character he's already sketched. 

Doomsday joins New Gods character Big Barda as Lee sketches that have debuted on Newsarama. 

The first six sketches - Nightwing, Bizarro, Azrael, Doctor Fate, The Batman Who Laughs and Big Barda - are on pace to raise well over $38,000 combined with Azrael topping out the auctions so far at $9800. All the auctions last three days on eBay.

BINC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to assisting booksellers in need - including comic booksellers. In the past, BINC has offered financial assistance to comic book stores affected by natural disasters and other unexpected financial crises.

On March 18, BINC stepped up to specify its continued support of comic book retailers in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

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