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Comics Experience, the premiere online school for comics creators, is excited to announce its “Retailer Relief” program, allowing comics customers to purchase original content generated by some of the industry's top comics creators and educators. What's more, 80% of purchase prices directly benefit participating comic shops -- with comics fans and students empowered to support their local stores.

The available content will include videos, audio files, PDFs, and more, featuring creators and educators discussing the craft and life of comics in an educational and entertaining manner. New content will be released on a weekly basis.

All brick and mortar comics retailers are invited to participate in the program, which will allow customers to support their local comic shops and gain exclusive content. All without leaving the house. ComicsPRO, the only trade organization for direct market comic book retailers, is working with Comics Experience to help get the word out to its members in order to financially benefit as many retailers as possible.

Comics Experience has led the way for online comic book education for over a decade with a commitment to high quality content. Our long list of alumni work with every publisher in North America and many in Europe; including several creators currently under exclusive contracts at Marvel and DC Comics. 

“As soon as I realized how quickly store fronts would be closing, I immediately tasked our whole team with developing an online and educational component that could directly benefit retailers--the backbone of the industry that’s been so good to me,” said Andy Schmidt, President/Founder of Comics Experience and former Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing editor. “We’re all hurting, but my feeling is we can do some good for retailers, their customers and without exploiting the same products they’ll be selling when their doors reopen.”

Schmidt continued, “We’ve developed literally hundreds of comics education videos over the years. Though this wasn’t ever the intended purpose, they can do some good to help budding creators and retailers alike. It just seems like the right thing to do. But you won’t see every video up there on week 1. This program will release new content every week.”

Joining Andy Schmidt in developing the program are Bon Alimagno Comics Experience’s Creators Workshop Director and former Marvel Comics Talent Manager, Anne Randulic Director of Marketing at Comics Experience and Atom! Freeman of Prana Direct Market Solutions. 

Comics Experience is inviting comics creators to donate videos and other comics educational content to the program with proceeds going to retailers. Retailers will send out a link to the product page and any customer that uses that retailer’s link, directly benefits that retailer. So as a customer, you know exactly where your money is going.

Retailers are encouraged to email for easy to follow directions on how to sign up and use the tools. Creators seeking to donate videos or educational PDFs are also encouraged to email for more information on how to help.

Retailer Sign Up Form Link:

Retailer Landing Page Link:

Retailer Relief Creative Assets Link:

Our hope is that we can bring our expertise to the retailers’ customers without digging into their regular business. We’re not trying to sell items that they normally sell; we’re offering up items to give them a boost. We will be releasing new content every Wednesday for as long as this crisis lasts. 

Comics Experience thanks our retailers for their devotion to the industry, our creator community for any help they can offer and our fans for supporting an industry we all love.

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