DARK HORSE Vows Not to Release New Comic Books Digitally Until Print Distribution Resumes

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Dark Horse Logo
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Following Diamond Comic Distributors' announcement that they will not distribute comic books to retailers starting on April 1, Dark Horse has stated they will not release any monthly comic books digitally until they are widely available in print as well.

Dark Horse founder/publisher/co-owner Mike Richardson followed up Dark Horse's previous announcement of its plan to deal with the supply chain interruptions, which have come to bear as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, by clarifying in a statement to The Beat that Dark Horse will only release digital versions of its still available art books and collections, which still have physical distribution through Penguin Random House.

"We will not be releasing any comics digitally that are not also available in print," reads the statement. "We still have collections, OGN’s and art books shipping thru our bookstore distributor Penguin Random House (from whom comics retailers can also order). Those respective titles will be made available digitally the same day they are available from retailers."

In addition to his role at Dark Horse, Richardson is also the founder and owner of the Northwest United States comic book retail chain Things From Another World.

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