Amazing Spider-Man #1
Amazing Spider-Man #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

Writer Rick Remender has been using the ongoing Coronavirus quarantine to share material from his previous work, including unseen pitch documents from his time at Marvel Comics for stories he didn’t wind up telling.

Alongside a look at an X-Men run that didn’t come to pass, Remender has shared an excerpt from a 2009 pitch for a Spider-Man story that would’ve introduced a group of villains empowered by insects irradiated by the same experiment that gave Peter Parker his powers.

The pitch, seen below, introduces villains Red Ant, Toxic Beetle, Parasite Worm, and Black Wasp – subjects of an experiment that purposefully granted them insect-like abilities based on their monikers before being locked away in secret.

Spider-Man would have discovered and freed the villains, leading to trouble.

Interestingly, 2014’s Amazing Spider-Man #1 introduced Cindy Moon, a classmate of Peter Parker’s who was also secretly bitten by a radioactive spider at the same time as Peter, but whose unstable powers required her to be locked away for years before Peter released her. She’s still around as Silk, who’s got a new solo series on the horizon .

Here's the pitch:

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