Humanoids' IN VITRO Seeks to Erase the Stigma, Make You Laugh, Explain In Vitro Fertilization

"In Vitro" preview

Humanoids has provided a five-page preview of the upcoming OGN In Vitro, an in-depth and funny portrayal of a couple's experiences with in vitro fertilization (IVF).

A Humanoids spokesperson confirmed that the book will be available in bookstores on March 31, because it was already in the process of being distributed. It will not be available at comic shops or on comiXology next week.

(W) William Roy (A) William Roy
A newly wedded couple is full of life, love, and inspiration. They have everything they've always wanted except a child. From unsuccessful attempts to repeated failures, the two newlyweds face a menacing foe: sterility. Together, they embark on the confusing journey that is in vitro fertilization. Guillaume experiences the daily embarrassment of sperm donations, tests with dreaded results and endless consultations, not to mention the specter of his own estranged father who reappears suddenly in his life. William Roy humbly and accurately shares a deeply human experience that is propelled by unshakable hope.

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