GAIL SIMONE Rallies Fans for New MARVEL VS. DC Crossover

DC Vs. Marvel #1
Credit: DC/Marvel

Writer Gail Simone has picked up the torch of the concept of a new Marvel Vs. DC crossover, noting that 2021 will mark the 25th anniversary of the original crossover's 1996 release.

A few days ago Newsarama called for a new Marvel Vs. DC crossover event as a way of generating a blockbuster hit for Direct Market comic book retailers when normal business resumes after the Coronavirus crisis.

Using the hashtag '#pleaseMarvelDC', Simone offered the idea of a renewed crossover including some of her own dream creator and character pairings for such a story and pointing out the potential boon such a concept could have on the market, which faces a time of uncertainty due to comic book store closings and Diamond Comic Distributors' shutdown.

Simone entreated fans to chime in with their own ideas, eliciting dozens of responses naming numerous Marvel and DC creators and characters they'd like to see come together. Venom and Thor writer Donny Cates retweeted Simone's idea, agreeing about the potential ramifications for the industry.

We'll keep checking back to see if the idea gains any more headwind.

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