As Coronavirus Effects Hit Wallets, Magical Bartender Comic Donates Proceeds to Bartender Charity

The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast
Credit: Cloud Wrangler Comics
Credit: Cloud Wrangler Comics

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There are few places that bind us together like the ones we eat and drink in. Bars can be magical places, and in the comic series The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast that magic is more powerful than anyone could imagine. During this unprecedented time in all our lives, we want to do what we can to help, and so we’re announcing that profits from ALL PROCEEDS OF ISSUE #1 of our comic book The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast between now and April 30, 2020 will be donated to the UNITED STATES BARTENDER’S GUILD’S NATIONAL CHARITY FOUNDATION. In addition to that, we’re donating 50% of all proceeds from issue #2 and all Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast merch as well.

The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast is the story of Lark Leraar, the activist owner of the hottest cocktail bar in San Francisco, and her new employee just learned her deepest secret: she’s also a sorceress whose drinks are literally magic! Written by Jeff Rider with art by Davide Puppo, colors by Anthony Lee and letters by Cardinal Rae, it’s the world’s first craft-cocktail, urban- fantasy comic book series. It recently won the Independent Creators Award for Original Comics Concept for 2019. It’s a workplace adventure set in the service industry as well as fantastic far-away realms, a thrilling combination of Cheers and Lord of the Rings, if you will.

Credit: Cloud Wrangler Comics

There’s no doubt that the COVID19 outbreak is hitting us all right now. Some of those most directly affected are workers in the service industry as bars and restaurants across the country close their doors. Writer Jeff Rider is also a 20 year veteran of the service industry, and Cloudwrangler Comics feels we can’t turn a blind eye in these times of need. The USBG is dedicated “to advance the lifelong stability & wellbeing of service industry professionals through education & charitable activities.” They are setting up a COVID-19 relief campaign to help with the incredible need that service industry professionals will feel in the weeks and months ahead. This horrible pandemic will hurt many of us, in truth all of us, but right now these are the people we see in pain. The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast’s people.

Further information about this ongoing series and our relief campaign is available from Jeff at We’re happy to discuss the ongoing effort, and ask if you’re interested to follow and share the campaign on all social media platforms.

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