ASTERIX Co-Creator Albert Uderzo Dies at Age 92

Credit: Hachette
Credit: Albert Uderzo (Papercutz)

Asterix co-creator/artist Albert Uderzo died in his sleep Tuesday after suffering a heart attack.

"Albert Uderzo died in his sleep at his home in Neuilly, after a heart attack that was not linked to the coronavirus," the cartoonist's son-in-law Bernard de Choisy told the French news service AFP (according to BBC News).

Uderzo and writer Rene Goscinny created the seminal French comic series Asterix, which went on to sell an estimated 370 million copies worldwide and carried them to international acclaim. Asterix is a long-running French comic following two villagers from Gaul during Roman Occupation in the early 1st Century.

The duo worked on the series from 1951 to Goscinny's death in 1977, with Uderzo then taking over writing (as he was already drawing) Asterix - that continued until his retirement in 2011, where it was passed down to other creators.



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