Who Are the Characters of Marvel's INFINITE DESTINIES and How Do They Connect to the INFINITY STONES?

Infinite Destinies
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

It’s been a little while since the Infinity Stones were a major part of the Marvel Universe ... the Marvel comic book Universe, that is. Since 2017, to be exact, when the limited series Infinity Wars ended with Adam Warlock, long the guardian of the Soul Stone, releasing the energy of the Infinity Stones into the universe, destroying their physical forms and allowing them to become somewhat sentient – “choosing” their own destiny.

Since then, at least two of those sentient Infinity Stones have returned and bonded with Earthlings as new Marvel Comics characters – namely Overtime and Star – with others who have possible unrevealed Infinity Stone connections also popping up.

Starting in June and running through September, Marvel Comics will highlight some of its new breakout characters in a series of annuals titled “Infinite Destinies"  – specifically focusing on at least a few of the characters born of the sentient Infinity Stones.

So who are the characters to be prominently featured in “Infinite Destinies” – Quantum, Overtime, Spirit of Corruption, Star, White Fox, Amulet, and Prince of Power (there’s an eighth, classified one shot on the list as well)? We’ll break down everything we know right here, right now.

Credit: Marvel Comics


Quantum – or Asset Quantum as they’re called by their mysterious master The Assessor – is part of a shadowy cabal of scientists who kidnapped and tested Miles’ Morales back in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #8 and #9.

Though little about the character has been revealed, Quantum appears to have teleportation and spatial manipulation powers – potentially indicating a tie to the Space Stone, which shares Quantum’s blue energy signature.

Quantum will kick off “Infinite Destinies” clashing with Tony Stark in June’s Iron Man Annual #1.

Credit: Marvel Comics


Overtime – a.k.a. Hector Bautista – was the first of the sentient Infinity Gems to be introduced. A convicted murderer awaiting execution on death row, Hector bonded with the Time Stone in the one-shot Infinity Wars: Infinity, using his newfound powers to escape his sentence.

He went on to co-star alongside Wolverine and Loki in the Wolverine: Infinity Watch limited series where the unlikely pair attempted to protect him and help him harness is time manipulation abilities.

Overtime was last seen at the end of that series, when he became frustrated with Wolverine and escaped his care. He’ll go up against Steve Rogers in July’s Captain America Annual #1 as part of “Infinite Destinies”.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Spirit of Corruption

Danny Ketch is a longtime Marvel Comics character – he debuted as Johnny Blaze’s replacement as Ghost Rider all the way back in 1990. But he recently took on a new role as the Spirit of Corruption – a counterpoint to Johnny Blaze’s incarnation as Spirit of Vengeance – in the latest volume of Ghost Rider.

Down on his luck and broken, Danny makes a deal with the demon Belasco of Limbo to become the Spirit of Corruption, donning the armor and giant sword of Belasco’s servant.

As Spirit of Corruption, Danny will play a major role in Ghost Rider for the foreseeable future – but as part of “Infinite Destinies” he’ll branch out into Asgardian territory in July’s Thor Annual #1.

Credit: Marvel Comics

White Fox

White Fox is the heroic identity of Ami Han – which is the human identity of the last of the Kumiho, multi-tailed Korean fox spirits who have been hunted nearly to extinction. As a Kumiho, White Fox has shapeshifting powers, heightened senses, life-draining powers, and other mystical abilities.

White Fox first made the scene in Contest of Champions, which pitted characters from different Marvel multiverse worlds against each other in combat. But she’s lately been a member of the current roster of Agents of Atlas.

She’ll join “Infinite Destinies” in July, crossing paths – perhaps aptly – with Felicia Hardy in Black Cat Annual #1.

Credit: Marvel Comics


Amulet just made his highly publicized debut in Magnificent Ms. Marvel #14, aiding Kamala Khan in a fight against a giant monster.

Secretly Fadi Fadlalah, Amulet is a Lebanese American teenager from Michigan who has defensive force field powers derived from an unknown magical source.

Amulet will be a key castmember of Magnificent Ms. Marvel going forward, but he’ll also break out into the wider Marvel Universe alongside one of Kamala’s best pals in August’s Miles Morales: Spider-Man Annual #1.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Prince of Power

Of all the characters listed as part of “Infinite Destinies,” the one known as Prince of Power is the most unknown – he hasn’t even actually debuted yet. But, the moniker “Prince of Power” has its own Marvel Comics pedigree. It was originally the nickname given to the Avenger Hercules, and was adopted by his protégé Amadeus Cho following Herc’s temporary death.

This new guy, introduced by Guardians of the Galaxy writer Al Ewing during a panel at last month’s C2E2, will be a member of one of two Guardians teams appearing in the title later this year.

Prince of Power will appear in September’s Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1 - could his name imply a connection to the Power Stone?

Credit: Marvel Comics


Star is perhaps the most prominent of the so-far-revealed sentient Infinity Stones. Real name Ripley Ryan, Star is bonded with the Reality Stone – which grants her growing but somewhat unstable abilities.

Like Overtime, Star isn’t exactly on the side of the angels – in fact, she’s a straight up villain, first using her reality warping abilities to siphon off Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers’ power – before Carol actually killed her (she got better thanks to her powers).

Star has recently broken into her own limited series, in which she’s walking a slightly thinner line between good and evil. She’ll show up in September’s Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2, after her series’ May finale.

Credit: Marvel Comics


There’s one more “Infinite Destinies” annual – August’s Avengers Annual #1, which features a special appearance from a still classified character.

Obviously, we don’t know much about what’s being intentionally hidden, but given the nature of “Infinite Destinies,” we might hazard a guess that the classified character could have something to do with the Soul Stone or Mind Stone – the two sentient Infinity Stones without a confirmed or immediately apparent corresponding character.

If that’s the case, could this be the return of Adam Warlock, who had a special bond with the Soul Stone? It’s unlikely given these are mostly new(ish) characters – but it could be a new version of the venerable cosmic hero. It could also be a secret new hero who hasn’t been introduced yet – but who will debut before August.

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