IMAGE COMICS to Cut Down Upcoming Releases to Help Comic Book Retailers During CORONAVIRUS Pandemic

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Eric Stephenson
Eric Stephenson
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Image Comics is taking the COVID-19 pandemic and its ramifications for Direct Market comic book retailers seriously. On Tuesday, the publisher announced full returnability on their comic books over the next 60 days, and now the company's publisher/co-owner Eric Stephenson has told Newsarama they will be cutting back on upcoming titles, as well as announced reprints.

"We’re looking at the books we have scheduled and assessing what can be pushed back, and in some cases, cancelled altogether," Stephenson told Newsarama.

Several announced reprints will also be re-assessed given the current economic climate.

"We’re pulling the plug on some second printings that had been announced," the publisher continued. "Reprints are hardly essential at a time like this, and the overall plan at this point is cut down on what is going into stores in an effort to decrease their financial exposure."

The titles being considered have not been announced.

Earlier this year before the coronavirus pandemic, Stephenson spoke Newsarama to an apparent glut of comic books being offered to retailers, and in turn customers.

"Comic book stores can’t keep up with ordering them, there’s just too much to keep track of, and if a specialty market catering to this specific type of content is overwhelmed by the amount of books being published, that’s definitely going to be an issue for other sales channels," Stephenson said at the time.

Look for our full interview with Stephenson later today.

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