Bloody Marriage for DC's RAVAGER Teased in TITANS GIANT #2

Titans Giant #2
Credit: Brandon Peterson (DC)
Credit: Brandon Peterson (DC)

DC has revealed the cover and contents to May 20's Titans Giant #2, with promise of a wedding engagement and threat of DC superheroes' secret identities revealed to the world.

In writer Phil Hester and artist Scott Koblish's "Bride of Blood," Deathstroke beseeches long-time adversaries, the Titans, to help him save his daughter Ravager after she was abducted by Brother Blood's Church of Blood. Red Hood believes Slade Wilson is telling the truth - but do the other Titans?

And in the second new story, writer Andrew Ayden and artist Juan Gedeon deal with a potential identity crisis.

"When reports surface that LexCorp has gained access to confidential government health records, Raven realizes that this could mean the unmasking of countless superheroes," reads DC's description. "With Beast Boy's help, she must infiltrate LexCorp's private servers and destroy the information before it falls into the wrong hands."

The 100-page giant will also include the following reprints:  "Titans East! Titans West! And Never (?) The Teens Shall Meet," from Teen Titans #51 (1977); "Hot Topic," from Starfire #2 (2015); and "Action Detectives part two," from Adventures of the Super Sons #2 (2018).

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