Nintendo Announces New Handheld Console With Glasses-Free 3D

Nintendo Announces New 3D Handheld

Nintendo posted a press release today on their Japanese website that announces their next handheld console. The temporarily-named "Nintendo 3DS" will be launched "during the fiscal year ending March 2011." This announcement comes before the revised large-screen version of their current handheld, the Nintendo DSi XL even hits U.S. shelves, with that coming March 28, 2010.

The significant point to this release is that the 3DS will allow games to be played with 3D effects, but without any specialized glasses needing to be worn. It's also uncharacteristic for Nintendo, a company that in the past has played things very close to the vest for fear of canibalizing their own sales, to announce somehting this early. The release does note that the new system will also be backwards compatible to all current DS and DSi games.

No word exactly what kind of 3D technology the system will use, or any kind of pricing information. More detail about the new system is promised at E3 this June, and Newsarama will be there for the details. The Nintendo of America press site has not yet posted this release or any variation.

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