TOYMAN Gets a Mint Condition MAN OF STEEL in SUPERMAN GIANT #3 Preview

Superman Giant #3
Credit: Dan Mora (DC)
Credit: Dan Mora (DC)

Toyfair has come and gone, but Toyman is coming to Metropolis and has his eyes on one prize figure: Lex Luthor.

(No, not the toy - the real thing.)

May 6's Superman Giant #3 will feature the lead Toyman lead story by writer Robert Venditti with artists Paul Pelletier and Andrew Hennessey titled “Dangerous Games.”

"Toyman is on the loose in Metropolis-and he has his sights set on one man: Lex Luthor!" reads DC's description. "Can Superman get to the bottom of Toyman's assault on Lex, or will his terrifying toys take down LexCorp, and Metropolis with it?"

The issue will also contain reprints of: "Mad World," from Supergirl #56 (2010); "The Boy Who Stole Superman's Cape," from Action Comics #0 (2012); and "Brainiac part three," from Action Comics #868 (2008).

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