DC First Look: HAWKMAN #23's 17th Century Adventure Hits a Little Close to Home

Hawkman #23

DC is keeping on this eventful start of the week by releasing a first look at next month's Hawkman #23, written by Robert Venditti with art by Marcio Takara and Fernando Pasarin with the standard cover by Mikel Janin and the variant by Gerardo Zaffino.

Here's DC's description of the issue and story arc, which is probably unintentionally a little close for comfort. 

"Hawkman, DC’s Winged Wonder, continues to fight the Sky Tyrant’s possession of his body in issue #23, on sale April 8," reads the description. "Wearing the eerie mask of a hawk, Carter Hall relives his most tragic past life ever, roaming 17th century Europe to ease the suffering of those falling victim to the Black Death. But with a unique immunity to the disease, how is he supposed to help anyone when he’s hated and feared by those that are affected?

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