Update: Chris Evans Accepts CAPTAIN AMERICA Movie Role

Update 1056 EDT: While not an official confirmation from Marvel Studios, Jon Favreau, who directed the two Iron Man movies and is a producer on team film The Avengers which will bring Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor together, just posted this on his personal Twitter account:

"Welcome to the new Captain. He continues the fine tradition of playing two Marvel characters!"

A producer on one of the films the new Captain would be signing up for just confirmed, Chris Evans is Captain America.

Original Story: The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that actor Chris Evans has accepted the role of Captain America in the coming film. The actor was, according to their sources, offered the role on Friday afternoon Mar 19, 2010, and "after thinking things over" has decided to play his third superhero, and his second major franchise from Marvel Comics.

While the report has yet to be confirmed by Marvel or any of Evans representatives, THR is confident in their sources.

Director Joe Johnston originally said he wanted to go with an unknown for the film, and Evans is anything but, especially to comic book fans. As Johnny Storm, the Human Torch in two "Fantastic Four" films, he showed that he could play a fast-talking (and slightly vapid) hero. He then wielded telekinesis in the largely derided "Push."

Evans is 28 years old, and will fight alongside Robert Downey Jr., 45, and Chris Hemsworth, 26, in the coming Avengers film, as well as in his solo flick. In fact, the deal was rumored to be for 9 movies altogether, covering multiple sequels in both franchises, though Variety now reports that it is for 4; 3 "Cap" films and 1 "Avengers."

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