Aquaman Giant #4
Credit: DC
Credit: DC

DC has disclosed the cover and contents of May 13's Aquaman Giant #4.

In the lead story written by Wonder Woman’s Steve Orlando and drawn by V Ken Marion and Sandu Florea, Aquaman and the Sea Devils re-engage with the Geoff Johns-era Aquaman (and movie) villains, the Trench.

Cecil Castellucci and artist Pop Mhan follow that up with "Whale Watch," talking about the couple's dream of a family.

"While escorting a pod of whales to safety, Aquaman and Mera discuss starting a family of their own," reads DC's description, "but their conversation is cut short when naval sonar tests disorient the pod, causing the whales to attach naval ships and forcing Aquaman, Mera and the Navy Officers to safe the pod before they hurt anyone."

Those two new stories are supplemented with reprints of: "Throne of Atlantis chapter three," from Justice League #16 (2013); "Xebel Heart," from Mera: Queen of Atlantis #4 (2017); and "Blood of the Manta chapter two: The Secret Lives of Parents," from Teen Titans #10 (2018).

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