Retired DC Publisher PAUL LEVITZ's Advice for Publishers & Retailers During CORONAVIRUS Pandemic

Paul Levitz
Credit: Taschen Books

Retired DC Publisher Paul Levitz has shared some advice for comic publishers and retailers (via his latest ICv2 column) as they begin this new week in the midst of the COVID-19 (commonly known as Coronavirus) pandemic.

"A few of my old friends in high places suggested that although I no longer have the ability to directly affect the situation, I should use my tribal elder status to make some suggestions… including ones that would cost them some real money.," said Levitz, who sits on the boards of the CBLDF and BOOM! Studios. "Understanding that the problems facing most comic shop owners are more complex than I can digest or offer solutions for, here are a few suggestions for band-aids to help us all through."

For publishers, "Band-aids" include full returnablity from publishers to retailers on comics (with caps), discounts, and extended credit terms.

For retailers, its curbside service, off-hours service, mail order, back stock bonuses, and remote events with creators.

You can read Levitz's tips in-depth here.

"I know this is a major danger moment for the always fragile network of comic shops that I love, and that has made my career possible," said Levitz. "These may not be the best or most practical ideas, but I wanted to start the debate and idea-sharing… and suggest to those who sit in seats with resources like I used to be able to control, that this is a vital time to use them for good… and ultimately for all our self-interest."

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