Nintendo Switch's INKYPEN Comic Service Adds Vertical Mode, More

Credit: InkyPen

Press Release

InkyPen, the “all-you-can-read” comic book service on Nintendo Switch has a refreshing new patch today in anticipation of our biggest announcement ever. Update 1.2.0 brings with it a ton of community requested features and bug fixes for the application including the ability to read comics in vertical mode.

“We were sad to cut vertical mode for launch, however it’s great to finally put it back in there, especially after the surprisingly large number of community requests for it.” says InkyPen CEO, Ronan Huggard.

InkyPen's CEO Ronan Huggard enjoying vertical mode
InkyPen's CEO Ronan Huggard enjoying vertical mode
Credit: InkyPen

Vertical mode has been one of the top community requested features since the launch of InkyPen, and makes reading certain comics easier and more natural, plus makes for great use of accessories which take advantage of the Nintendo Switch in vertical mode. Vertical mode can also be accessed while the Nintendo Switch is docked, not a common use case but we have fun at the office with it.

Image: InkyPen's CEO Ronan Huggard enjoying vertical mode Bloodshot like a boss

Update 1.2.0 also includes quality of life features, such as marking the latest comics with a “New” badge, as well as account synchronization for multiple devices, which is great for owners of both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

Patch notes for update 1.2.0:


    Massive speedup of application responsiveness in many use cases.
    Better handling of networking for faster browsing.
    Added support for reading comics in portrait mode. The user can now choose to rotate the comics 90 degrees on screen, in both handheld and docked.
    Updated content is now marked with a 'New' badge.
    ZL and ZR can now also be used to navigate when reading comics, doing the opposite of the L and R counterpart for one handed reading with the right Joy Con.
    You can now download a comic series from the series view.
    Multiple device sync support is now here.
    Long series titles in thumbnails now scroll to display the full name.
    Long series descriptions in thumbnails scroll to display the full description.
    Searches are maintained after switching between views.


    InkyPen introduction video delay on startup is fixed.
    Users that have an expired or non valid subscription can now browse and read the same way non-logged-in users can.
    Dropdown now correctly scrolls to the currently active element when opened.
    Signup / login button in the menu bar now navigates correctly when using shoulder buttons in anonymous browsing.
    Fixed an issue where the scroll position would jump betwee

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