Update 3 Mar 25: Before we move on to the next member, the artist on the book, Ransom Getty, stopped by our comments section to clarify that Kaboomerang is in fact an Aboriginal Australian, and his smaller toy-ish boomerangs are designed as such for a reason. Thanks, Getty!

The next member is an abominable character that would be comfortable in the snow, YETI. Yeti seems like he may have a bit of a "Cowardly Lion" thing going on though, with his tagline being "Look Tough, Look Tough, Gotta Look Tough. Can't let anyone discover my secret." Whether it's a crisis of nerves or a matter of his powers not being quite what they seem remains to be seen.

Update 2 Mar 24: KABOOMERANG! Well, you can't say that's not fun to say. This exploding boomerang wielding Aussie (at least that's the assumption, with the "Mate" and the boomerangs and all) is another newbie. The name pretty much says it all here. It's interesting to see the Guardians of the Globe seem to truly be a global team, with international members. We'll have to wait for the comic to come out to learn much more about this new hero. No word on how big a fan Kirkman is of 2002's video game "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger."

Update 1 Mar 23: The second member of the team is a speedster called Outrun. This female speedster appears to have a bit of a speed degeneration problem, judging by her included quote, "My speed creeps into every aspect of my life. I only hope I can make a difference before I burn out." She's not a character we've seen before on the Guardians of the Globe, but she'll be running with the crew this fall.

Original Story: After a week of joke teasers and the subsequent announcement that yes, a real series is on the way, we have the first actual member of Guardians of the Globe for you here. It's the most-requested member in our comments sections hands-down, Brit. Brit is basically an invulnerable super-soldier who has been fighting the good fight for about a hundred years. The character, like Invincible, is a Robert Kirkman creation who had a couple of his own series in the past. While he didn't sell great in solo books, his inclusion on this team will certainly be welcomed by his fans.

Stay tuned all week for new member reveals and an interview with Kirkman to close it all out.

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