Antonio Banderas
Antonio Banderas
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New Mutants co-writer/director Josh Boone has opened up about his plans for a sequel – now unlikely to happen in the wake of the Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox – including which characters would have been added, and which actor was cast as the villain.

According to Boone, the sequel would have involved the New Mutants traveling to Brazil to encounter the Hellfire Club, led by Roberto da Costa’s father who would have been played by Antonio Banderas.

"We always intended to do New Mutants: Brazil as the second movie," Boone told Entertainment Weekly, explaining they even had canceled plans to shoot a post-credits scene to introduce Banderas.

In comics, Roberto da Costa's father was Emmanuel da Costa - an Afro-Brazilian businessman who secretly served in the Hellfire Club as the White Rook.

Additionally, Karma and Warlock would have joined the team – with Karma starting out as a villain before joining the New Mutants.

"Karma was always going to be the villain in the second movie that would be absorbed into the group by the end," Boone explained. "We had always wanted to bring Karma and Warlock into the second one when we couldn’t do it in the first one. For us, we wanted that initial core team [for the first movie]. We just couldn’t swap out Illyana. We felt like there was no reason to do [the movie] if we couldn’t bring that character to life in the first one.”

As for whether a sequel may actually occur, Boone is doubtful, but says it’s not necessarily off the table.

"In our heart of hearts, we hope [New Mutants] makes a bunch of money so that we can go make the second one," he said. "We’re all just bummed at everything that happened. Just the merger and everything else. It had nothing to do with us personally and had an impact on every single movie at Fox at the time."

New Mutants is due out in theaters April 3.

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