BLUMHOUSE Developing DRACULA Film with JENNIFER'S BODY Director - Report

Credit: Hzpriezz / Shutterstock

Variety is reporting that Blumhouse Productions is developing a Dracula film with director Karyn Kusama and writers Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay. Blumhouse is reportedly developing it on its own without a studio (yet), but has a 'first look' deal with Universal Pictures and produced the recent The Invisible Man remake.

Originally created in the late 1800s by Bram Stoker, the vampire Dracula has gone on to be a media staple - adapted for numerous film, TV, and comic book projects.

Director Karyn Kusama is best known for her films Girlfight and Jennifer's Body, and frequently works with her husband/writer Phil Hay and writing partner Matt Manfredi. The trio made Aeon Flux, The Invitation, and Destroyer.

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