Indie Writer Tells an H.P. LOVECRAFT Story... For Kids?

An H.P. LOVECRAFT Story... For Kids?

H.P Lovecraft and children. Usually the two don't go hand in hand, but we've stumbled upon a rare occurance. Bruce Brown's OGN, Howard and the Frozen Kingdom published by Arcana, re-invisions Lovecraft's dark world through a rather unique lens and hands the nightmarish universe off a much younger audience than you would expect. It has already been reviewed and featured in the Chicago Tribune, Rue Morgue Magazine

and Shroud Magazine.

Newsarama had a chance to talk to Brown about this unusual approach to Lovecraft.

Newsarama: Since you wrote a Lovecraft story aimed at younger readers, one wonders if you had an early introduction to Lovecraft and his world. Did you?

Bruce Brown: Actually, quite the opposite; I had not started reading Lovecraft till a couple of years ago.

I had co-written several books with Zuda Comic’s Dwight L. MacPherson ("Sidewise" and "M-theory") and he approached me about doing a project that was Lovecraft in nature. He asked me if I had read any Lovecraft before. I told him no. So, before I could begin working on that project, he strongly recommended I take a “crash course” in Lovecraft’s work. I quickly began to see why he is considered this generation’s Edgar Allan Poe.

Nrama: What do you mean by "crash course"?

Brown: Basically, I read as much Lovecraft as I could get my hands on. I also researched Lovecraft himself and found articles written about him by fellow writers that he had corresponded with. The last was a tremendous help to me in helping me create young Howard Lovecraft's personality for my story

Nrama: Did you have any naysayers when you had the idea to write this story?

Brown: Not when I began to write the story, but after I began to show the book for reviews did I come across a few “naysayers” to this project. I knew this was a risky project because Lovecraft has such a legion of hardcore fans and I knew there would be some who found it or parts of it “objectionable”.  Overall, there have only been few and the book did receive a rave review from

The Chicago Tribune’s Pulitzer Prize winning literary columnist for adding to the Lovecraft

mythos by “creeps and bounds”.

Nrama: Do you have a favorite Lovecraft story?

Brown: There are so many good Lovecraft stories, but personally I would have to say

my favorite is Shadow over Innsmouth.

Nrama: Tell us a bit about the artist who you worked with on this.

Brown: I wrote a short story for Arcana's horror anthology "Velvet Rope". It was a fictional, short

story about the moment when HP Lovecraft's father suffered a psychotic breakdown.

I met an amazing artist, Renzo Podesta who did a phenomenal job on the art for this story.

Renzo's art added such an eerie visual element to the story and I absolutely fell in love with his style.  After "Velvet Rope", I could not let go of the idea of this young character, Howard Lovecraft, let alone, I wanted to work with Renzo again. I began writing out this tale which turned into Howard Lovecraft & the Frozen Kingdom. Luckily for me, Renzo agreed to take on the project.

Nrama: How long has this story been in the works and are there any plans for a follow up?

Brown: "Howard" was written in several months and yet the production of the book took about a year

to finish.

If sales allow it, I would like to do a trilogy. I already have the whole story in my head and I have been working up the second story in case I get a chance to do it. I would love to take Howard and Spot on a few more adventures!

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