Black Widow
Credit: Marvel Studios

Until the Taskmaster removes his or her mask and audiences learn exactly why no actor is credited or the role, Scarlett Johansson's future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or lack thereof will remain a matter of theory and conjecture. For now, however, the actor and is this case executive producer is keeping her cards close to her bulletproof vest and speaking like May 1's Black Widow is her MCU swan song ... and uses the word "standalone" a lot. 

"Having done the Black Widow standalone film now, I feel like I got to do everything I wanted to. I really feel like we stretched it out in so many different directions with this standalone," Johansson tells EW in a new video interview (below). "I guess in the industry we never really say goodbye ... its always sort of like ‘see you on the next one.’ But yeah, there was definitely was a lot of closure with this standalone film and I feel really good about Natasha’s journey. It honors her life."

Of course, Marvel Studios has earned their reputation for taking elaborate steps and intentionally misdirecting fans to keep the surprises of their film surprises, so again ... until Taskmaster removes the mask, stay tuned...

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