TIMELY COMICS Artist Allen Bellman Dies at Age 95

Alter Ego #154
Credit: Al Bellman (TwoMorrows Publishing)
Allen Bellman
Allen Bellman
Credit: Roz Bellman

1940s and 1950s comic artist Allen "Al" Bellman has passed away at age 95 after a short illness, according to San Diego Comic Fest.

Born in Brooklyn back in 1924, he was introduced to comics when he bought Action Comics #1 off the shelf in 1938 according to his autiobiography Timely Confidential: When the Golden Age of Comic Books Was Young. After studying at NYC's High School of Industrial Arts, Bellman responded to a New York Times newspaper ad looking for artists to work at a small company called Timely Comics (which would later become Marvel Comics).

Bellman worked as a staff artist at Timely for years, starting on drawing backgrounds for Syd Shores' Captain America run in 1942. The Brooklyn artist went on to draw stories for The Human Torch, Marvel Mystery, Young Allies, and others. Bellman later worked at Atlas, but eventually left the comic industry in the mid-1950s for a career as a newspaper artist for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

In later years, Bellman became a familiar face on the convention circuit with his wife, Roz - showcasing artwork from and inspired by his 1940s work at Timely.

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