What Bob Iger’s Disney+ Direction Implies for the MCU - Report

Still from Disney+ 'Big Game' TV spot
Credit: Disney+

Walt Disney Company's Executive Chairman Bob Iger  (and former CEO) reportedly has a vision for Disney+, his current priority with the media conglomerate, and his purported big picture plans may speak to Marvel Studios' continued involvement in the streaming service and how future MCU projects will come to Disney+.

Citing an unnamed source with ties to Disney, The Hollywood Reporter states that Iger plans to focus Disney+ strictly on PG-13 level content - more specifically an "edgy PG-13", a la The Mandalorian - rather than delving into R-rated material.

THR cites Zoe Kravitz's High Fidelity and the teen drama Love Simon, which were both reportedly moved to Hulu after beginning development with Disney+ when it became clear they would include material Disney executives felt didn't suit Disney+'s planned style. Disney's in-development Lizzie Maguire sequel series has also reportedly met with resistance over its potential content.

Additionally, THR reports that an unannounced Tron project from screenwriter John Ridley, a planned Disney villains series, and a new live-action Muppets project were all scrapped when they didn't meet those guidelines - though THR's source states that current creators "should have had more clarity around what the guardrails are" for their in-development projects.

As for those projects, the Hollywood trade also states that Marvel Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige staked out a major claim for the MCU on Disney+ following what is described as a "land grab" for content when Iger announced the service would be a creative priority for Disney.

Disney+'s first Marvel Studios show, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, is set to premiere in August.

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