In The Hole Left By Postponed ECCC Comes PAJAMACON

Pajama Con
Credit: Iron Circus Comics

With this weekend's Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle being postponed, it's left many comic creators, companies, and fans with a hole in their schedule - and in some cases, extra cash in their wallets to spend. With that in mind, Iron Circus - one of the companies that planned to exhibit at ECCC - is organizing 'Pajama Con' this weekend.

Pajama Con is a three-day livestreamed event running March 13 - 15, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m Eastern time. Creators who have signed up so far are  Steve Leiber, Chris Roberson, Lin Visel, Genue Revuelta, C. Spike Trotman, and Kate Leth.

"The livestreams will be like a talk show or live podcast where we feature creators who also had to cancel their ECCC appearances," said Iron Circus in a statement.

So how will it work?

"Booths" will be a 30-minute live interview with Pajama Con host Amanda Lafrenais, where the creator can talk about their work. A schedule of booth interviews will be published closer to the opening of the convention.

"Artist Alley" will be five- to seven-minute ads for those who for some reason may not want to be interviewed.

"Panels" will be one to two-hour group livestreams organized by creators.

For more information on participating in Pajama Con as a creator or as a fan, visit this website.

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