WONDER WOMAN Meets ASGARD's VALKYRIE in APRIL (No, It's Not a Crossover)

Wonder Woman Giant #4
Credit: Chad Hardin (DC)
Credit: Chad Hardin (DC)

DC has revealed the cover and contents to April 15's Wonder Woman Giant #4. Series writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti return with a lead story titled "Hope Springs Eternal."

"Wonder Woman visits an old friend on her last day, but afterward, Diana's day turns into a nightmare," reads the description of the Daniel Sampere-drawn 16-pager. "Meanwhile, the Penguin gathers a group of villains to enact a new plan against their heroic enemies!"

Along with that is Jeff Parker and Aneke's "Gundra the Great," which will see the Amazonian warrior meet Gundra - an Asgardian warrior from DC lore.

"Wonder Woman responds to a distress call in a tiny village and discovers a displaced Valkyrie from Asgard, but is she friend...or foe?"

No, no this isn't a DC/Marvel crossover - Asgard is a real-life mythological place, and has been featured in DC may times before. Gundra, in fact, debuted in 1946's Comic Cavalcade #17, created by Wonder Woman's principal creators William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter.

In addition to these two new stories, there are reprints of  "Year One part four," from Wonder Woman #10 (2017); "Secret Origin part four," from Green Lantern #32 (2008); "The Catalyst part four," from Sword of Sorcery #3 (2013).

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