GUARDIANS OF THE GLOBE Coming from Image Aug 2010 (For Real)

A week of teasers started out with a serious, and obvious inclusion and the seeming announcement of a new team book coming from Image Comics. Invincible has featured the Guardians of the Globe more than a few times in his own book, afterall. Day 2 was surprising, and made a little joke, but was still somewhat in the realm of possibility. Then it got silly, and then goofy, and even had a dash of straight-up attention grab. Well, it wasn't all for nothing, as there IS actually a Guardians of the Globe book launching in August 2010, though it won't feature most of those folks.

In fact, it won't feature any of them. The real team will be revealed next week, but some details were given today. Robert Kirkman is writing the book with Benito Cereno, who has written adventures of former members of the Guardians in the past. Ransom Getty provides the art to go with it. The six-issue miniseries will run alongside the long-awaited Viltrumite War storyline in Invincible, filling in readers on what happens at home on Earth while Mark Grayson is off in space.

The group's lineup will be revealed next week. Full Press Release is below.

Press Release


Robert Kirkman launches Invincible spin-off with GUARDIANS OF THE GLOBE

Berkeley CA - 19 March 2010 - Invincible is off fighting the Viltrumite War, so who's watching the shop while he's away? GUARDIANS OF THE GLOBE, a new six-issue miniseries coinciding with INVINCIBLE: The Viltrumite War, tells Earth's story.

In GUARDIANS OF THE GLOBE -- cowritten by superstar Robert Kirkman (Invincible, The Walking Dead, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and Benito Cereno (Invincible Presents: Atom Eve, Invincible Presents: Atom Eve & Rex Splode) and drawn by gifted newcomer Ransom Getty -- heroes both familiar and new struggle to protect Earth in Invincible's absence.

"Needless to say, Invincible, Spawn, Rick Grimes, President Obama, and a certain boy wizard aren't GUARDIANS OF THE GLOBE," jokes Robert Kirkman. "The teasers released this week have been all in fun, but next week's teasers will get down to business, revealing who's a Guardian. Invincible's absence due to the Viltrumite War has left people vulnerable, and GUARDIANS OF THE GLOBE will answer the question, 'What's up on Earth?'"

Tune in next week to find out who protects Earth while Invincible is away as the GUARDIANS OF THE GLOBE teasers continue!

GUARDIANS OF THE GLOBE, a six-issue miniseries written by Robert Kirkman and Benito Cereno and drawn by Ransom Getty, will start its run in August 2010.

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