FLASH #750 Reveals WALLY WEST's New Missions, And Some Surprise Returns - SPOILERS

Flash #750
Credit: DC
Credit: DC

Spoilers ahead for this week's The Flash #750.

DC readers already knew the discovery that Wally West made in this week’s The Flash #750: There are two different, conflicting DC histories being utilized in the DCU right now - the post-Crisis continuity and the "New 52."

But now, the newly powered-up Wally West has decided he’s going to “fix” the existence of both those histories - and that is apparently what drives DC’s “Generations” event, which kicks off in May and will apparently clean up the publisher’s continuity while launching a new future for the DCU.

The oversized The Flash #750 features several different stories, including a Flash Foward epilogue by that limited series’ creators, Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth. Last month’s Flash Forward conclusion gave Wally West the power of Dr. Manhattan and the Mobius Chair while also changing DC continuity to include the existence of Wally’s twin children, Jai and Iris West.

The Flash #750 also includes a main story by long-time Flash writer Joshua Williamson, as well as other short stories that reinforce other elements of new DC continuity.

Credit: DC

Some of the key revelations from the stories in The Flash #750:

- The main story brings Barry Allen face-to-face with Paradox, a villain readers have been hearing about in The Flash. In The Flash #750, Paradox enlists Godspeed to fight the Flash. (A reminder: Paradox apparently knows the various paradoxes that Barry has caused through time and space, and Barry was warned about Paradox by a future version of Barry Allen in The Flash #87.)

Credit: DC

- Jay Garrick was inspired by Wonder Woman’s appearance in 1939 (an event that was established in Wonder Woman #750). In another story by Joshua Williamson with artist David Marquez, Jay Garrick not only talks about Diana being his inspiration, but a newspaper headline reinforces that Wonder Woman is now the first hero to have appeared in the DCU.

- In a story by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins, both Jai and Iris are shown in a past scene with their parents, Wally and Linda West. The story focuses on Captain Cold, but the short scene with Wally, Linda and the twins seems to further reinforce the new addition of the kids to past DC continuity (after previously being out-of-continuity since 2011’s "New 52" reboot).

- Another story, by Flash’s "New 52" creators Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul, reveals that Barry is able to use a power he calls “the Speed Mind,” where he mentally sends his consciousness into the Speed Force to check other timelines. In this story, Barry sees unusual alternate worlds, like one where Grodd is a hero and another where Iris is the Flash.

- In the Flash Forward epilogue, readers learn that all the recent changes to DC continuity have caused time to “no longer align,” according to the newly knowledgeable Wally West. “Everything. Time. Space. Reality. It’s all broken,” Wally says.

Credit: DC
Credit: DC

- The “broken” reality of which Wally speaks is basically the conflict between post-Crisis continuity and "New 52" continuity.

Although Doomsday Clock implied the "New 52" continuity was just an alternate Earth in the DC Multiverse, The Flash #750 claims that’s not the case. “Different worlds or dimensions would explain this,” Wally says of the two continuities. “But this is not that. This is the same event repeating on the same world at a different time.”

Credit: DC

- Tempus Fuginaut asks Wally to fix reality and reverse the “damage,” and Wally agrees to do it. A teaser at the end of the epilogue says the story will continue in May’s Generation Zero.

- Although the conclusion of Flash Forward #6 showed that Wally sensed a “kindred spirit” somewhere in the DCU - implying a team-up - that other person is not revealed or even mentioned in The Flash #750. (Newsarama guessed that Paradox would fit the description, since he’s also knowledgeable about continuity problems, but the only person that Wally interacts with in The Flash #750 is Tempus Fuginaut.)

Look for more on this in future issues of The Flash, as well as the Generations one-shots.

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