DC's WILDCATS Reboot Canceled According to WARREN ELLIS

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Wildcats #1 variant by Chris Burnham & Nathan Fairbairn
Wildcats #1 variant by Chris Burnham & Nathan Fairbairn
Credit: DC

Warren Ellis and Ramon Villalobos' long-simmering Wildcats series has been canceled according to the writer. In a blog post outlining his announced comic projects, Ellis said Villalobos "didn't want to draw it after all" and attempts to find a replacement were unsuccessful.

Villalobos responded to Ellis' announcement with his perspective.

"Let me say that at the time I was told this project was not canceled," Villalobos tweeted. "I was late, I acknowledged that here. I was depressed and trying to put everything into it to make it as good as I can. Trust me I paid a price for that."

"To say I didn't want to draw it is definitely not what I relayed to my editors, Warren, or anyone else," the artist continued. "What I got to do on it was some of the proudest work ive ever done. It just took far too long. I'm still unsure the status tho this gives me some clarity, i suppose."

Back in August 2019, Ellis said there was "hope that it will be resolicited at a later date," saying that he turned two scripts, "chunks of other parts," "and a full and lengthy treatment for six issues..."

DC Chief Creative Officer/Publisher Jim Lee (who also co-created Wildcats) tweeted a hopeful message for the series in August, stating "Once we work out the kinks in the schedules w/the artists, we will launch anew!"

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