Marvel Comics May 2020 solicitations
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has sent out three teaser images promoting someone or something titled Iron Cat - images that appear to be pieces of a larger picture, seen here compiled together.

Credit: Marvel Comics


Credit: Marvel Comics

Seemingly a mix of Iron Man and Black Cat, the teaser leaves much to the imagination - with the pieces presumably to be filled in as more teasers arrive. However, Iron Cat could tie-in to Black Cat's impending plans to steal from Tony Stark, teased by Black Cat series writer Jed MacKay in a recent interview with Newsarama .

"After Madripoor, Felicia and her crew return to the States to pull a job targeting a character who we've been saving for a real barn-burner of a heist," MacKay explained. "Spoilers: It’s Iron Man."

The solicit for May's Black Cat #12 (cover seen here) adds to MacKay's tease, stating outright "Black Cat stole an Iron Man armor from Iron Man, and he is NOT pleased."

Stay tuned to Newsarama for more as Marvel's teaser campaign develops.

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