Review: MC FRONTALOT's ZERO DAY: Still Nerdcore's Finest

The godfather of Nerdcore, and the coiner of the term itself, is back with an all-new album, and it is simply amazing. Last year, MC Lars said Nerdocre is Dead. Well consider MC Frontalot the lazarus pit, because it's never felt more alive.

Anyone with any creative inclinations, whether a fan of rap in any form or not, will appreciate not just how good this album is, but mostly how much better Frontalot has gotten. The self-depracating song "Better at Rapping" couldn't be a bigger misfit of a song, as he clearly has done so.

The album follows some rap standards, using featured guest stars from nerdcore mainstays like YTCracker, Schaffer the Darklord and Beefy to folks like Mike Doughty and John Hodgman. It also has a couple of hilarious skits (one featuring "PC" Hodgman explaining the laziness of mirrors still draws laughs even after hearing it 10, 20 times or more). What's non-standard about his use of these things is that every single one of them is exceptional.

Front has rapped about a lot of nerdy things before, and this album reaches into many corners of geekdom. From tabletop RPGs to cheesy disaster flicks and spoilers for pretty much every major movie in the last 30 years, Frontalot hasn't forgotten his nerd roots at all. He even has a cover designed by comic artist Jhonen Vasquez. He expands out a bit here, too, preaching not to "be a dick" in "Your Friend Wil" and giving a little perspective to bad days in "First World Problem."

Simply put, this is the best that MC Frontalot has ever sounded, and a new gold standard for nerdcore.

As the chorus of "Zero Day" Says, the first day is already too late. If you order a CD from now, you get to download the full album immediately and get the hard copy when it comes out April 6, 2010.

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