MARVEL's Summer X-MEN Event X OF SWORDS Revealed - C2E2 '20

'X of Swords' promo image
Credit: Mark Brooks (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics has announced its long teased summer 2020 X-Men event as X of Swords.

The announcement was made at Marvel's X-Men panel during C2E2 2020, following yesterday's teaser . The 15-part event's full plot is not yet revealed, but in the story 10 mutants will wield legendary swords from the Marvel Universe - some of which may already have their own reputations - against a mysterious threat. 

Credit: Mark Brooks (Marvel Comics)

X-Men writer Jonathan Hickman and Excalibur writer Tini Howard will head up X of Swords, with other writers from the 'Dawn of X' line also contributing.

The title X of Swords, which Hickman said had been coined by Howard,  may also hint at the story's themes. Beyond the obvious connection to ten mutants wielding ten swords, the title, pronounced "Ten of Swords", may refer to the 'Ten of Swords' Tarot card - which, in the parlance of Tarot fortune telling, indicates abject disaster and ruin. And of course, when read literally, "X of Swords" resembles the expression "crossing swords" - a literal clash of blades.

X of Swords begins in July. Stay tuned to Newsarama for more live coverage from C2E2 2020 throughout the weekend.

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