Something's Coming for the X-MEN in July

X-Men July 2020 teaser
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has released a cryptic teaser in advance of its X-Men panel at this weekend's C2E2.

The teaser, which went out on Twitter alongside the date and time of the panel, appears to resemble the vague shape of a sword.

It's unclear exactly what it could mean, but the Krakoan inscription says "July" - implying the teaser could relate to the summer X-Men event Marvel has been foreshadowing for some time. 

The sword motif may indicate a connection to Excalibur. That title focuses on current Captain Britain Betsy Braddock, who recently hid the sword Excalibur from her brother, former Captain Britain Brian Braddock.

More details are expected in Marvel's X-Men panel at C2E2, taking place February 28 at 2:30PM CST.

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