PENNYWORTH Casts Three Characters for Season 2

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James Purefoy
James Purefoy
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Starz's Batman prequel series Pennyworth has added three actors in recurring roles for the currently in-production season two, according to Deadline.

The show has added James Purefoy (The Following), Edward Hogg (Taboo), and Jessye Romeo (Curfew).

Purefoy plays Captain Gulliver Troy, an SAS Agent described as "charismatic, cultured brute and a powerful man of appetites – whether that be drink, women or danger."

Edward Hogg
Edward Hogg
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Hogg plays Colonel Salt, a villain described as a "would-be despot masquerading as an obedient civil servant, Salt is a calculating killer, whether by pen or sword."

Finally, Romeo portrays art student Katie Browning, described as "righteous, defiant and wonderfully naive."

All three roles appear to be new creations for the show, with no connection to DC Comics.

No premiere date for Pennyworth season two has been announced.

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